Proposed model to work with people who have Cancer


29th September 2014: Sydney, Australia

The drawing above symbolises the proposal I am creating, with the goal of operating facilitated educational groups for people with Cancer. Prior to commenting further, I recognise the details of my ‘Sunflower framework for Cancer’ is by no means revolutionary. On the contrary, many other existing frameworks about healthy living are composed of similar themes. So the question may be posed of why state a framework has been created if similar groups already operate? I would argue, many programmes regardless of the topic operate under fundamental principles to the specific area. I feel a crossover in some content may be present, however, the designed activities and homework tasks separate the programme from others, and importantly, would benefit those who participate The framework is a concrete model applied into my own life, a guidance of sorts, helping me to progress throughout my time thus far. Moreover, I feel it will be very helpful for others in a similar situation, especially should they adopt the model. In addition, the framework can act as a tool for increasing the understanding of others playing a supportive/caring role for a person with Cancer who is working on a plan to achieve longterm health and well-ness.
The Sunflower Framework consists of seven principles, all inseparable to ensure a complete and wholesome approach to Cancer is adopted. The sunflower is seen as the perfect visual representation for the principles. Similar to a sunflower and it’s petals, not all the principles have to be adopted for the flower (you) to exist, however, comparing a full thriving sunflower to one depleted of it’s petals can be reflective of the health of your body. Therefore, I am proposing that for you to be flourishing and living as healthy as possible, then all the principles need to be applied.
When breaking down certain aspects, the stem is of course an essential component of the sunflower. In this instance it can resemble the journey of Cancer. It is hoped that over time the stem becomes strong and gains in length, equating to you achieving strength and longevity. The sunflower is also seasonal, again comparable to the experience of Cancer, with a combination of days feeling significantly brighter than others. Lastly, the meaning of the sunflower is of importance. A google search showed, the sunflower’s petals have been likened to bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of warmth and happiness.
To expand upon the meaning of the sunflower and it’s relevance to Cancer immediately elicits a sense of health, life and survival. Moreover, the warmth is associated with a comfort in the knowledge of having a direction to work towards building the strength needed to find a place for the Cancer in your life. Finally, adoration is all about love, and Cancer has the capacity to build, renew or strengthen love in your life. A love and appreciation required to fully accomplish a sense of happiness, in whatever form love may manifest.

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