I felt like Ben Stiller from Dodgeball…

23rd October 2014: Sydney Australia

I spent the entirety of yesterday afternoon till the very early hours of this morning wondering why I opted to eliminate solid food from my diet for two days. As noted in the previous entry, fairly positive changes were noticed when commencing, however, it appeared I was extremely naive in what was to follow, especially considering the events last night from whereby I remained crouched in a position, holding my stomach resulting from the hours of nausea endured.

It is now almost midday, and I’m still feeling the effects. The degree of discomfort has most definitely decreased, however, my stomach is still not completely settled nor am I feeling like I have a normal level of functioning. When summarising the feelings experienced yesterday, I can only describe a constant hunger, a feeling of a slight anger at myself for putting myself through this, limited concentration, and an overall unease throughout my body and mind. In addition, there were no noticeable toxins discharged from my body. Furthermore, I am now craving for a burger and chips, some deep fried chicken wings, a can of coke, anything of the type! Very reminiscent of Ben Stiller from Dodgeball feasting on pizza and all sorts of junk lying in a bed of filth. I obviously won’t be opting for any of the above options, however, will be buying a quality cut of leg ham and making myself some sandwiches on spelt bread. Unusual for my typical approach to eating as bread will feature, however, it seems like a more favourable option than feasting on deep fried chicken wings, burgers and chips. All decisions would ultimately undermine the very reason for trailing for fast.

The account is completely personal, and I am still of the opinion a fast/cleanse may be suitable for some people. I would now recommend others seek advice and possibly attend a supervised retreat throughout the period. In regards to my personal, circumstances, consideration of the effects of the chemotherapy, bearing in mind the action it has on blocking the capacity of my body to now create Cortisol needs to mentioned. Furthermore, I had previously known a lack of food caused havoc on my system. I just did not anticipate the removal of solids would have such a profound impact. In conclusion, I may decide to attempt another fast/cleanse in the future, but will most definitely wait till my treatment is over before exploring available options.