What is healthy eating?

24th October 2014: Sydney Australia

I’m back basking in the land of normality, and feeling particularly positive as I’m not not weighed down with thoughts about the food eaten yesterday. All junk was avoided, replaced with the Spelt sandwich option. When looking at portion size, it would be definitely deemed as indulging, probably not the wisest decision to make post fast/cleanse. Mind you, I am thinking about the overall consumption from the day, opposite to just one meal, and I didn’t really start eating till lunch time.

The cravings discussed yesterday was unfamiliar ground, only a handful of times at the very most when the attraction to fattening foods has been so strong. It certainly made me think of fad diets often widely publicised within the media and the actual long-term benefits associated with such an approach to your eating. The two days reinforced the need to continue with a sustainable approach to eating and nutrition built upon very basic principles about eating wholesome foods without unless are added ingredients or sweeteners. I’m fairly confident of the criticism subjected to me, should certain people view my food journals, and this is solely because of the inclusion of some foods into my weekly intake. Thai food is the perfect example, initially the thought of lots of vegetables with basil and chilli can be viewed as a healthy option, and pending the place you purchase the food or your method of cooking it can be. On the other hand, the thought of plain white rice with the amount of sugar added to sweetened some of the flavours makes you question the actual benefits within the meal. Of course the type of Thai or the method to prepare each dish differs, and it is probably true that some Thai dishes are very healthy. It is just a clear example of how on first impression the guise of eating healthy can be a myth when looking at the ingredients of the dish. In summary, eating at home or opting to frequent places with healthier options is definitely the approach to be adopted.