Patterns changing

24th September 2014: Changi Airport, Singapore

How fast patterns can shift. It was only 12 weeks ago when I endured the 30 hours of transit time from Sydney to London. Over the course of the flight, I got up to stretch at least five times, was insistent on my dietary choices and regularly integrated mindfulness techniques into the journey. Now, I’m sitting at the airport only halfway through the flight with tired eyes and a stiff body compounded by an overactive mind stuck on thoughts about the excessive luggage charges that easily could have been avoided should I have adequately prepared. Furthermore, disillusioned feelings are being experienced about my bodies health due to the dietary choices made leading up the flight, and the compliance in eating the standard food when I previously placed an order for the vegan option. Why the vegan option when clearly my food journals contradict the vegan approach to diet and nutrition? My reasoning is that airline food isn’t usually the best, and an accidental introduction to a vegan airline box lead me realise the nutritional benefits of a vegan option compared with other available choices.

The apparent shift in focus is believed to exist as a direct consequence of the limited recent movement in my life. I believe a correlation is evident between a lack of movement and the limited journaling, increased stress, inability to meditate, poor dietary choices and lowered immune system. Furthermore, it has reinforced the need of an inseparable approach to health and well-being rather than an isolated and fragmented approach only targeting one specific area of your life. Just to note, when saying poor dietary choices, it’s not a case of eating junk, rather decisions not consistent with a belief in making health promoting choices at all times. In summary, yes I have noticed a shift, however, this has only normalised the process for me, demonstrating how easy it is for patterns to shift and importantly furthered my learning and understanding about how to be better equipped for when a future change occurs in my weekly schedule.