Gut health, and how it shows my progression

16th August 2015: Melbourne, Australia

I have walked away from the two day Wellness Summit focused on researching the benefits of improving the health of my gut through the use of fermenting foods and traditional broths. The information absorbed throughout the time has introduced me to the microbiome specific within all of us. My reading this morning only reinforces the seemingly build of momentum on the topic within the world of health. Basically, the limited knowledge I have suggests the microbiome is a collection of biomes that drive genetic expression to either turn genes on or off depending on which microbes are present. Therefore, the use of fermented foods and traditional broths will hopefully both combat and restore the havoc caused by antibiotics, chemotherapy and other chemicals exposed to in the environment.

Admittedly, the health of the gut was an area I overlooked till now. In the past, my main emphasis was directed to the broad areas of nutrition, movement, and a shift followed to centre upon my mind. On reflection, the expansion into the area of the gut appears to be the very reflection of an organic evolution into my wellness journey, and fortunately, I had the opportunity of being completely immersed in an environment to facilitate such growth. Furthermore, possibly I was more inclined to focus on making changes to my nutrition and movement, namely, due to the familiarity I have in these areas compared to other more complex matters. Similar to other areas, it seems more advantageous to reach an end point from building blocks at a starting point where some connection can initially made. Otherwise, a compete and utter sense of being overwhelmed could easily cause a halt to any progression. As noted, the starting point for me were the areas of nutrition and movement, and honestly, some fairly difficult times are still experienced in these areas, however, a greater understanding of these areas has allowed the space in my mind to expand into other matters relating to my health and wellness journey.

Jess Ainscough, the wellness warrior

10th March 2015: Sydney Australia

I weighed myself today, showing I have gained 1.6kg over the past month. An indicator suggesting my body is recovering and thriving. A point of particular importance, especially when hearing the news of Jess Ainscough, aka, the wellness warrior has passed away. Her death both saddened and shocked me whilst bringing to surface the confronting potential of what could await in my life. Regularly, I speak of future plans, and see my current state as a temporary period I will overcome, yet, the fragility of life shown at certain times can easily cause a formation of cloud to hover around my consciousness. The reason for feeling as such for a person I have never encountered results from the reading of her book and the motivation sought from her story in prompting me into making better health decisions.

I acknowledge some of the information she is associated with does not align with my personal approach to health, however, I believe information obtained from her readings should not be discarded. One particular point from her story regards the duration of time I will remain on treatment. There is always going to be fierce debate on this topic, especially with the differing opinions received over the past year in relation to timeframes. In summary, the current information I have read shows no weight in the research that supports the use of Mitotane in the longterm to promote my survival. Admittedly, there is some evidence showing the effectiveness of the drug, however, many flaws exist in the research, and does not provide sufficient evidence to suggest the results will be applicable to my circumstances.

Thoughts go out to family and friends of Jess Ainscough x