Saltwater is the ultimate cure

21st August 2015: Sydney, Australia

Today, I once again had the feeling of my bare feet walking upon the heated gravel whilst the sun spread its warmth and glory upon my wet hair. It was a familiar walk, one completed for over twenty years, however, one aspect separating the walk from many other occasions was the pure joy experienced in knowing I had just completed my first swim in the saltwater since my operation. Honestly, on reflection, I believe the smile beaming from my face could have competed with anyone in the world.

The walk appears to have reinforced the reality of the circumstances unfolding around me, especially the progress made in six weeks. Limited restrictions were felt throughout the entirety of the swim, with a close only resulting from an intention of not wanting to push myself. In conclusion, I feel extremely fortunate to be back utilising the natural environment in the hot sun, and am filled with excitement of what awaits over the summer months.

I say I don’t use drugs… Is that because the Sun is my dealer?

26th October 2014: Sydney Australia

Summer is coming! The difference on my mind and body between a hot balmy summers day opposed to one miserable, cold and wet is not comparable. The sun has become a drug like substance causing a euphoria to flow through my body during it’s peak and then drops me into a flat state of longing and despair when the feeling has faded. I have pondered the reasoning behind the mite of that narcissistic sun being able to draw my utter attention, and am yet to form a solid conclusion. Could my addiction stem from the four years of suffering a Vitamin D deficiency over the course of my stay in London, the loss of body weight I am still lacking, the influence from readings highlighting the healing properties of the sun or just my senses detecting the imminent Australian summer ready to soar into action? For arguments sake, lets take the latter theory, a position whereby one sees the environment as a flowing interconnected system with me intrinsically connected to the open circular process slowly transforming on a daily basis. A system transforming at a pace where the unobservant eye would fail to detect the flowers beginning to bloom after an annual hiatus or the changing of the winds that start blowing on a daily basis from the north rather than the dominating southerly winds common within the Winter months of Sydney.

On a more human level, there does seem to be a degree of accuracy in theories posed about our bodies undergoing changes in preparation for Summer. Mind you, the ever self-promoting sun confuses our bodies by pushing a hot period of weather followed by an onslaught of rain and misery! If we were to get back to the point of whether it is true that our bodies are connected to our changing environment, then does it not seem plausible to think that the capacity of my body to combat the Cancer at the beginning of the year was weakened? Particularly considering the lengthy stay I had in London! The seeds of this chain of thought were first planted in my mind in London when the tumour was first detected. The team of treating doctors asked me to really consider returning to Sydney for the operation, partly due to the level support to be required, however, also to quote, ‘as my body was accustomed to a certain climate for 26 of my almost 30 years, and therefore, was more likely to heal in such circumstances’. I am extremely happy that the idea was suggested, otherwise I would have stayed in London, enduring everything without my family and friends from Australia whilst also suffering in the cold winter. A little off track I know, so, if I am to heal better in the climate my body is accustomed to does that not also indicate that as a preventative measure I should remain in a similar climate to pro-long my chance of survival? The question entails some possible factors or could just derive from that addiction first mentioned in the opening sentence justifying my future thinking to not only stay in Australia, but to chase the sun throughout the winter months to ensure I continuously get my fix!