Meditation and my influences…

8th December 2014: Sydney, Australia

The saga continues. My day thus far included two sleeps, a gentle yoga session, and three periods of meditation. In addition, more time in the sun, a repeat of the cleanse in the salt water and the added element of laughter. Interestingly, a point overlooked yesterday was the unexpected social encounter with a friend whilst swimming. The time spent chuckling with a friend should have featured, particularly when considering the power of laughter and social connection on our well-being. In terms of measuring the trajectory of this flu. Overall, I would seem to be feeling better, namely, with the sore throat appearing to have disappeared, and hopefully this signals further progress tomorrow with a return to full heath very shortly.

A point I am wanting to get across is for the need to develop and maintain a routine when meditating to support my body switch from the ever present mode of thinking into one more at peace and conducive to healing. Currently, the following phrase has been repeated in my mind before bowing my head to kiss my hands, “I have strength, I have power, I will progress, I will become more intelligent and I am hoping for good health for all my loved ones”. I then focus on five main points within my body, those points being my middle eye and symmetrical points in both my hands and feet. I have never planned for such a routine, and the influences coming to my attention appear to derive from a combination of readings about the power of frontal lobe, i.e. the middle eye and a Jeudo/Christian image of Christ. Surprisingly, I have no connection with a religion so am unsure of how an image of Christ has appeared into my consciousness, possibly just a classic case of the subtle effects of priming, and the power of tapping into the unconscious mind to influence behaviour and thinking. On this matter, it is my knowledge, that the five points are included in an Eastern Approach to medicine for their potential healing powers, leading me to deduce another unknown influence that has surfaced into my subconscious mind. Lastly, I am aware my process has evolved since first being exposed to the connection between the mind and body, and may be exported in greater depth in a later entry to portray my personal journey thus far.