Social media, life and love….

16th November 2015: Sydney, Australia

I will say it straight out. We all know the importance of connection with others, particularly as we are deemed to be social beings, however, does anyone else wonder about the difference on our wellbeing compared between being single and having a healthy, supportive and loving intimate other in our lives? I have breached this topic in the past, and have since taken on board the comments from others, but wish to reach the topic again, particularly observing the life lived by many in this modern day world. A life driven by deadlines, social media notifications and distractions.

I do not wish to be misinterpreted on the matter, and in no way advocate for people settling or remaining unhappy in harmful relationships. In addition, am not naive in thinking some people can simply be happier when single, however, is the focus on always seeking something better restricting our heart from experience true love? If so, are we then not able to reach optimal health and wellbeing? Alternatively, is this entry just me taking a moment to spill my feelings all over my screen whilst I type away????

Exercise rage

30th September 2015: Sydney, Australia

Road rage is surely not going to come across as a new term, however, what if I was to say I experience a slight degree of pool rage? Obviously, anger is not the most attractive characteristic, and the motivation to change is possibly symbolised in the decision to write, particularly with my rage possibly effecting the enjoyment of others when in the local pool.

I see swimming in a fresh outdoor saltwater pool as a privilege, and the act of bringing a degree of angst into this environment is simply not acceptable. To avoid any confusion, I do not actually show any rage towards others. Instead, at certain times I feel angry when seeing someone swimming across all the lanes. I try to control my feelings, however, always seem to be unable to just accept the fact some people will swim like they are running away from a wild rhino in the jungle. Seriously, I need to chill out and relax a little more right!

A look at my dream from last night…

18th March 2015: Sydney, Australia

The direction today is completely off topic, basically sharing a dream from last night. Please bear in mind the facts, if dreams can be classified as such, may be a tad skewed due to the mental blocks appearing unrecoverable and lost to my conscious state of mind.

The recollection commences with me and another person sliding down an enlarged water slide, I know there is companion present, and this is where the haze has impacted the story because the face is not emerging into my consciousness. I think the key word is enlarged, so imagine a ridiculously big slide, comparable to something out of a Pixlar animation. The slide also resembles a boat sized craft, and it is storming along a path causing all sorts of havoc on the way. I have the feeling we were being chased, again, I am not sure about these details, however, one pivotal point was a calmness and joy experienced. Interestingly, the country of origin is appearing to be a certain nation with torture seemingly acceptable.

I did say a fluidity would be non-existent, and to fill in the gaps lets just say we have been caught. In addition, the two of us has now suddenly become three. One is strapped to a table about to be tortured, another is acting as translating helping to calm the tenseness rising in the room, and there I am confronted with a military man of South East Asian/Chinese descent who is evidently not impressed with our previous actions. The room is dark, most likely underground, and it appears I have deduced this from the water trickling from parts of the wall accompanied by a smell of dampness and humidity. Not very imaginative is it? So, my accomplice (makes it a it little more adventurous doesn’t it) is still strapped to a table with officers surrounding her. I am adjacent to the table (not sure why it is a her, not really the heroic type), situated in the middle of the uniformed man to my right, and my other accomplice is on my left. At this point, my attention shifts to the bowl of chips located on the corner of table closest to me. I recall a good sized portion of chips is within my hand, and most likely a handful of chips are already in my mouth. For some reason, the act of eating resulting in the uniformed man yelling at me for having more than one. It had only just come to me, however, I must be bi-lingual as I understand what is being yelled at me, and instead of following the instruction I clearly interpreted, I turner with a confused look to my other accomplice who appears to be a translator. My second accomplice, has a device to translate the language into English, and whilst pressing on keypad for a period of time, he produces a calculator with a bunch of numbers on them. At this stage, I have a mouth full of chips, look at my friend still strapped to the table who has not been harmed, and simply burst into hysterics. Unfortunately, I then woke up or forgot what followed, however, the humour and absurdity of the circumstances does bring a smile to my face. Therefore, I have been in a fairly jovial mood all day reminiscing at the collections of memory floating into my consciousness. I must say, I do hope my friend first accomplice was ok though 😄