Social media, life and love….

16th November 2015: Sydney, Australia

I will say it straight out. We all know the importance of connection with others, particularly as we are deemed to be social beings, however, does anyone else wonder about the difference on our wellbeing compared between being single and having a healthy, supportive and loving intimate other in our lives? I have breached this topic in the past, and have since taken on board the comments from others, but wish to reach the topic again, particularly observing the life lived by many in this modern day world. A life driven by deadlines, social media notifications and distractions.

I do not wish to be misinterpreted on the matter, and in no way advocate for people settling or remaining unhappy in harmful relationships. In addition, am not naive in thinking some people can simply be happier when single, however, is the focus on always seeking something better restricting our heart from experience true love? If so, are we then not able to reach optimal health and wellbeing? Alternatively, is this entry just me taking a moment to spill my feelings all over my screen whilst I type away????

Goal setting

16th October 2015: Sydney, Australia

Firstly, I should note, I am writing this post without a specific population in mind, however, feel the content may resonate to those in process of achieving a particular goal. Also, prior to continuing, I must acknowledge that many similar messages are widely available on the Internet. So, obviously I am by no means claiming to be writing anything revolutionary. In contrast, the message is extremely basic, and in the most simple format, it can be introduced by sharing a comment recently directed towards me. The comment has repetitively been heard over the past 20 months, and it is typically structured in such a way that suggests I should be resting more and not over-exerting my body. Therefore, in an attempt to understand the reasoning behind the comments, I pose a number of points. Do people think comments such as the one mentioned or other similar messages directed towards you stem from:
a. Concern for your welfare?
b. Fear for the success you can achieve?
c. Jealousy of the drive and commitment had to achieving in your goal?
d. Other (please comment).

The magnetic attraction of Cancer

7th October 2015: Sydney Australia

I am coming to understand a Cancer Diagnosis can have a similar function to a magnet. I do not wish to offend anyone, and am generally happy to talk with others about a Cancer experience, however, I do not always want to be surrounded by stories about Cancer. Seriously, it can be rather tiresome to constantly hear about that poor fellow or that lovely lady who suddenly found out they have Cancer. Yes, I feel for them and their loved ones, and at times would be more than happy to give the undivided attention needed to listen to the story people feel such a need to share with me, however, at other times, I simply do not have the energy or wish to know about the ever increasing tragic stories.

I hope not to have offended anyone. It is just a mood I am, partly due to the fact of the time not even being midday, and already I have heard two stories about Cancer. On reflection, maybe it is somewhat contradicting to be writing about my experiences whilst simultaneously developing a programme for people with Cancer, yet blocking myself from the stories of others.

I wonder how others manage if they encounter such situations?

How culture needs to be at the forefront of our thinking..

22nd January 2015: Sydney Australia

The rarity of the Cancer inside me was one of the the first points registered upon diagnosis. To many of those close around me, the typical feelings of shock followed, with the questioning of ‘why me’. As previously noted, the searching for the undiscoverable answer is yet to feature within my thinking, however, recently an issue has captured my attention, and it regards the outcomes for people less fortunate than me. In many ways I consider myself actually lucky. Yes, a lot of hardship, stress and pain continues to impact me and close people in my life. The shift in direction was influenced by thoughts for those without the medical expertise, surrounding environment or support network to assist them in their experience.

To expand on the above paragraph, I am referring to people in other countries whereby particularly the medical expertise or accessibility of services may not be adequate. I recognise hypothesising that individuals from only Western, or other certain other specific countries receive appropriate care may reflect a very naive outlook on the world. I wish to make it perfectly clear that I am possibly overlooking other essential matters, most notably the role of extended family/community present in other cultures, and other matter such as lifestyle, diet, environment degrees of stress. All points that may have contributed to the growth of the tumour in the first place. The question seems to be gaining my attention, and consequently has featured in plans to incorporate visits to Cancer centres or the equivalent if pursuing the plan mentioned last week relating to undertaking a holiday to a small town destination in South East Asia with waves, warm water and simple living. The motivation to gain such knowledge would add further motivation to undertake the journey, placing a further dimension to the experience whilst removing a completely self-focused direction in life. I must note, awareness of the actual needs of the people, respect and a genuine interest is essential to ensuring a culturally appropriate approach is present. History has showed how arriving with preconceived ideas, and possible solutions is not the ideal way of achieving real benefits. I acknowledge to some degree, the function is still very self orientated, however, ideally the knowledge could hopefully lead to some sort of positive outcome, even if it awareness raising through witnessing and later reporting about the observations.

It is interesting to note that another idea seemed to have surfaced, pushing the focus on Sunflower Framework aside for the moment. In all honestly though, I am still much very dedicated to bringing the idea to fruition, and am awaiting a response. Therefore, I don’t need to feel an animosity to my thinking, rather, seeing the process as a series of steps with the framework possibly being enhanced or culturally adapted, according to possible future experiences.