Food labels

14th October 2015: Sydney, Australia

You know the feeling when returning from the shops only to discover a vital ingredient had been forgotten. The next thought seems to appear like you have bumped your head as the mental processing begins, consisting of a sequence whereby you need to reluctantly drag yourself back to the shops to collect that one item. Are you getting the picture? Well, the situation described was a review of what happened to me, however, I was fortunate enough to get my dad to collect some canned tomatoes for me. The conversation with my dad to arrange collection turned out to be rather interesting, due completely to the specific request of purchasing tomatoes with no preservatives or additives. It brought to attention the focus I have on reading food labels, and later a curiosity emerged about how many others read the actual content of their foods.

It would be interesting to try get a bit of a gauge in how many people read food labels before buying most purchases? Any comments?

Day of perfection

14th November 2014: Sydney, Australia

The weather soared to 34 degrees today! I find it incredible how ordinary and familiar moments are able to bring such happiness into my life. For instance, an afternoon surf elicited an overwhelming joy when recapping the days events. There was nothing spectacular about the day, however, I just felt an appreciation of life, accompanied by a feeling of not seeking or searching for anything, simply living and basking in a state of happiness. The waves were not great, I think it was just the realisation of finishing an excellent day with my favourite pastime featured most days of my adolescence and early twenties.

There was a moment whereby I was so caught up in the days events that I switched into a mode of projecting into the future. Ultimately, I was blocking myself off from what was actually happening around me, and come to to think about it, reminiscing on the days events would have also limited my capacity to fully appreciate the very moments that made my evening surf during my adolescence such a memorable experience. I was able to recognise the thought process of switching between thinking about accounts of my day and how I would be share this with others. Consequently, attention was then directed back to my natural surroundings and the very reasoning for the feeling of elation. A quick summary of my day in a sequence shows:
– Wake up, water garden, breakfast in the sun, surf, exercise in the park, lunch, swim, read, sleep, yoga, water garden, surf, cook then settled into to watch a movie!

A very simple day, and could definitely have been heightened by the company of my girlfriend, however, was feeling content with what I had. Ironically, I am now going to bed with a slight feeling of nausea! A reminder of contradictions and imperfections in my life.