Carer support

20th October 2014: Sydney Australia

In terms of how my body is feeling it has been another happy day! A few other areas of my life wouldn’t necessarily be deemed to be in a similar place, however, limited attention will be directed towards this as my focus is on remaining positive about the current level of health experienced. One of the days highlights consisted of a discussion with the an employee of the Australian Cancer Council whereby I touched upon the ideas surrounding the principles of The Sunflower Framework. The response was extremely encouraging, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction whilst also propelling me into the next stage of writing so the manuscript is in a position for others to read and provide feedback.

I made the call to Cancer Council to make inquires about what support is available for carers, with particular focus on my mum and capacity to maintain her well-being and strength in face of the stress and worry associated with my circumstances. Prior to making contact, I had a discussion with my mum requesting her to consider linking in with a support group for carers, and to my pleasure she was interesting in taking up the option. Surprisingly, there seems to be little support available to carers of people with Cancer. I am not at all undermining the need for support in other areas, I was just astonished to see the vast support network opportunities available for carers of people with dementia, mental health and disability in comparison to the little support available to people with Cancer. The three areas mentioned above are all extremely difficult, draining and stressful areas for carers, and it was positive to see the available options. I did just feel a little perplexed at the disparity of specialist support available for carers with Cancer, especially with the rise of Cancer within the population, and it made me think about the gap in service availability.