Frankincense = Cancer Killer?

6th September 2015: Sydney, Australia

The experience of having Cancer can leave you very vulnerable, particularly with the increasing amount of available items claiming to have Anti-Cancer properties. I am certain this will come as no surprise to many people, and if this news, then do a quick google search, pick up a health related magazine or pose the question after arranging an appointment with an alternate health professional. Just to be clear, l am not against alternate therapies. On the contrary, I currently use multiple methods to hopefully provide me with a life free of Cancer, and have recently included the use of Frankincense, an Essential Oil into my daily routine.

I mentioned a vulnerability for people with Cancer, namely due to my personal reactions combined with the observations of others when discovering they or a loved one is effected by the fearsome health invader. Honestly, when hearing of new methods to ward off any mutating cells, it seems like a modern day gold-rush is playing out in my life, and as noted, the newest addition is Frankincense. I wish to make it very clear that similar to other items with supposed benefits, I am yet to find any substantive research to show the effectiveness of treating Cancer with Frankincense. Of course, this did not deter me from purchasing it, and currently I am applying it to my feet before sleeping. I addition, I rub any remaining oil on my the area where my Cancer previously was. I have also heard it is beneficial to orally consume, however, am yet to proceed down this path. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of what people think about the oil, if they have applied it, and any outcomes or stories to share with us all 🙂

Can the antioxidants in red wine be helpful for Cancer?

4th August 2015: Sydney, Australia

Two days ago the topic was Cannabis oil, yesterday we touched upon sunshine, so it is rather fitting to make red wine the focal point of discussion today. Upon first waking up this morning, I was researching about the varying types. Obviously, my intention was not to awkwardly shuffle my way to a bottle shop in order to purchase some wine for the day. Rather, further explore the supposed health benefits associated with red wine, and decide whether a glass of red wine aligns more with my future planning compared to say, a cider as was being consumed prior to finding out the tumour had regrown. In all honesty, I would be really stretching the meaning attached to ‘thatsortofhealthyguy’ if the first thought I had when waking up revolved around ways to obtain some alcohol!

My initial interest in opting for a glass of red wine over a beer commenced when first making lifestyle changes following the initial surgery. Supposed health benefits of red wine are commonly thought to be accurate, and my interest sparked when reading about specific options, particularly, the anticancer properties associated with certain wines from different regions around the world. The interest did not last long, mainly due to a feeling of acidity within my stomach when drinking a glass. Ultimately, I chose to virtually stop drinking, before a cider or two gradually began to feature within my social life.

I am now at the stage of revisiting the topic of red wine for future planning, and a review of the information saved from my previous research lead me into purchasing a bottle of Malbec. I actually enjoyed the wine, experienced no side-effects, and will be looking to buy another in the future. The information I have read suggests red wine, especially Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina or Madiran from the Gers region in Southwest France has some of the highest concentrate of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (OPC), making it a better choice of alcohol for my situation. To my understanding, OPC is derived from grape seed extract, and is alleged to be the most powerful known antioxidant. It is thought to reduce tissue damage, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body, multiplies the effects of Vitamin C and other agents, protects and brain and nerves, and forces Cancer cells to commit suicide.

I should note, it is naive to consider a glass of red wine as a magical cure, however, when weighed against other options if opting to drink, then it does seem to be the better option. My hope is some people much more knowledgable than me in this area read this blog, and add some comments to help me and others make more informed choices in the future.