Goal setting

16th October 2015: Sydney, Australia

Firstly, I should note, I am writing this post without a specific population in mind, however, feel the content may resonate to those in process of achieving a particular goal. Also, prior to continuing, I must acknowledge that many similar messages are widely available on the Internet. So, obviously I am by no means claiming to be writing anything revolutionary. In contrast, the message is extremely basic, and in the most simple format, it can be introduced by sharing a comment recently directed towards me. The comment has repetitively been heard over the past 20 months, and it is typically structured in such a way that suggests I should be resting more and not over-exerting my body. Therefore, in an attempt to understand the reasoning behind the comments, I pose a number of points. Do people think comments such as the one mentioned or other similar messages directed towards you stem from:
a. Concern for your welfare?
b. Fear for the success you can achieve?
c. Jealousy of the drive and commitment had to achieving in your goal?
d. Other (please comment).

2 thoughts on “Goal setting

  1. I would say concern for your welfare. When you have been through what you have been through, chances are that the comments are meant to steer you in a way that allows you to handle your body more delicately and be happy you still have it functioning. We must always respect things and people in the framework and boundaries that they set. Our physical bodies set for us boundaries which are commensurate with the hidden elements that go through our minds and our energy bodies. When we are aligned fully, our possibilities are limitless but when we are not aligned (say we have issues in relation to forgiveness and past hurt), we have to respect the boundaries. Just saying. Be well.

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