Food labels

14th October 2015: Sydney, Australia

You know the feeling when returning from the shops only to discover a vital ingredient had been forgotten. The next thought seems to appear like you have bumped your head as the mental processing begins, consisting of a sequence whereby you need to reluctantly drag yourself back to the shops to collect that one item. Are you getting the picture? Well, the situation described was a review of what happened to me, however, I was fortunate enough to get my dad to collect some canned tomatoes for me. The conversation with my dad to arrange collection turned out to be rather interesting, due completely to the specific request of purchasing tomatoes with no preservatives or additives. It brought to attention the focus I have on reading food labels, and later a curiosity emerged about how many others read the actual content of their foods.

It would be interesting to try get a bit of a gauge in how many people read food labels before buying most purchases? Any comments?

2 thoughts on “Food labels

  1. I read food labels for new foods that I did not know before (or new brands making the same kind of foods like tomatoes in sauce etc) and growingly I eat from home-grown items where possible. Personally I tend to avoid foods which labels indicate that any type of sweetener containing Aspartame has been used. I fully avoid the light section as well as the sugarfree foods.

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  2. Seem to have a similar approach 😄 I don’t know how the companies can make certain claims on their labels about product, however, a massive disparity is seen when looking at the ingredients. Understandbly, harder for people to make healthy decisions.


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