Cannabis vs Chemotherapy

6th October 2015: Sydney Australia

I have spoken extensively about this topic, so the basis of the entry is for others to share their views. Basically, the question relates to why people are so receptive and understanding to the use of Chemotherapy whilst opposing the use of Medicinal Cannabis. Personally, the introduction of Medicinal Cannabis has alleviated ALL SIDE-EFFECTS associated with Chemotherapy whilst also hopefully (no evidence currently supports this) working to support my body to heal. Honestly, I frequently need to provide an in-depth description about the benefits of using Medicinal Cannabis due to suggestions people make about my decision to trial the option. Interestingly, it is rare to be questioned about the use of Chemotherapy, and even rarer to stimulate a giggle when telling people I am putting such a toxic drug into my body.

I do recognise the bias position put forth, however, hopefully educate and inform others about the potential benefits of choosing to use Medicinal Cannabis when faced with a Cancer experience. It is a topic discussed in the past, and seems to have split my small audience. Therefore, it suggests to represent the opinion of the wider community. Please share your comments if reading, whether you are pro, against or undecided about the use of Medical Cannabis.

2 thoughts on “Cannabis vs Chemotherapy

  1. Are you using it to treat the cancer or is it being used in conjunct with your other tx protocol? I’ve met people who have made a choice and I work doing massage to people who have or have someone close with cancer. I use cannabis in the lotion/oil/creme/lube and educate them about the ECS.
    Spend some time with the community of people that use cannabis to gain a better perspective or answer to your inquiry. We are in WA and have a medical cannabis community collective

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  2. Sorry for late reply, wordpress didn’t want to be friends with me yesterday 😄

    The reoccurrence and progonsis expected of me from the medical field left me in a position willing to try anything. Priori to this, I had read extensively about the healing components of the Oil, however, was a little reluctant due to experiences with hydro cannabis in my teens. So, started it to work with my body to destroy any cells if some were still present, then after using it, discovered it alleviated all my side effects so can’t see why I would to feel nauseous and fatigued rather than using the Oil to enable me in living a normal life again. I am am string advocate for Medicinal Marijuana.

    Thanks, will look at website for sure


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