Any questions or topics for me to write about it?

24th September 2015: Sydney, Australia

Is it just me or do others find it easier to write when not feeling great? Honestly, I feel a need to share my despair and pain with world, yet, when feeling happy or simply content in my life, the motivation to write about my experiences appear to not rate highly on my list of priorities. Is this just the way we are wired or is it me?

I can easily draw on events or activities occurring frequently in my life to share, however, a disparity seems to exist in my motivation to write between the varying times. For the longevity of my blog, possibly I need to expand from simply providing accounts saturated in negativity to many other facets in life.

Those of you I have shared comments would know one of the most beneficial points of the blogging is to to connect with others. Therefore, I ask whether anyone at anytime has a topic they wish me to write about? I should provide a disclaimer, highlighting my incapacity of quality assuring the writing in advance, however, it may be another beneficial way to connect with others and share ideas. To conclude, fire away people 😄

2 thoughts on “Any questions or topics for me to write about it?

  1. I guess a lot of people would share your opinion. Personally I write from both places. Perhaps now that your life is coming back to you, you can write messages of hope for others who are in the phase you were going through and you can let them know that it is possible to heal and that life is worth living. The most banal anecdotes of what you are living could sometimes be an inspiration to those who do not see the end of the tunnel as far as their grief and inability to cope with their situation is concerned. We are not meant to share just our sufferings but also our happiness with others. Most don’t feel inclined to do so because they feel they will have lesser of it – perhaps the one motivator to share when you are feeling miserable, to feel lesser of the pain – but when you are giving in a positive way, you actually multiply and do not divide. So fire away with your anecdotes and feelings of being in a good place. Some will surely appreciate to read about that and don’t worry about whether people are liking your posts or not, there will be people who read anyway. Be well always. Enjoy the holiday season. Hope your mother and you get to enjoy quality time together as well.

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  2. Thank you for the comments, strange how is it easier to write when not feeling the best. Maybe it results from keeoing fears and feelings to myself?

    Apologies for late reply, wordpress is playing up on me, and I can’t seem to paste into my posts like I did in the past.


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