Is love the missing piece of a complex puzzle?

22nd August 2015: Sydney, Australia

The quote below leads me to wonder whether a truly happy and healthy life can be obtained whilst single. What do others think?

“Dating is fun and a necessary time of play and exploration. But once we have found the one love and said ‘yes’ to this love, we enter a common reality, the naked truth of who we are in ordinary life, with the potential of deep personal growth in this connection”.

8 thoughts on “Is love the missing piece of a complex puzzle?

  1. Hmm.. this is a tough one for me. I am happily married but I’ve always believed that love is not the ultimate goal in life. I think that happiness can certainly be had when single as I was a very happily single before I settled down. πŸ™‚
    Ultimately, we all have to figure things out for ourselves.

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  2. If you consider that being single means that you are not living a life of Love that means that perhaps you have not yet learnt to love yourself fully. Happiness is something we create within and it is only then that we are able to share that happiness without – wiith another whom we choose to bring into our life to merely enhance the mutual happiness we will feel together. If you do not love yourself fully, you will not have built within you that feeling of bliss and you risk bringing into any Relationship more of void than of happiness. Most relationships fall apart because of this imbalance (even worse when both actually only bring that void into the Relationship as this is the worst self-destruct message sent by both into the couple) and that is why it is important to construct one’s happiness within before thinking of sharing it without.
    You would be inclined to say of course I love myself, what is she talking about but then when you think of it long and hard some pauses in front of a Mirror or in front of an internal Mirror of our lives where you think to yourself I’d like to change this or that is actually diminishing that love of yourself. Full self acceptance is what leads to a balanced love of oneself and therefore to happiness. When you have the love within, the love without pours towards you in every form.
    Is Love the missing piece? Definitely Love is the answer and it is the only answer. It is the piece and the whole.

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  3. hello all, there are many kinds of love. not just the romantic and sexual kind. am single and appreciate intimacy but it is important to realize happiness comes in many forms. otherwise the days will sure be bleak! must not let that happen.

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  4. Love πŸ™‚ a Spanish friend of mine once told me and I quote- love is a fairy tale told to little girls – I’m not saying I agree or disagree just something for you to add to your quotes

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