A life free from Cancer awaits

30th July 2015: Sydney, Australia

In approximately eight hours I will be Cancer Free! Yes, your read it correctly. I am currently waiting to be called to have the the final procedure completed on my left lung. Admittedly, fairly aggressive and evasive treatments have been used, however, purely taking an outcomes approach to reflect on the treatment received leave me in a comfortable position. The next step is to further expand on my existing goals to support my body reach a level of optimum health, enabling me and my loved ones to not again encounters such circumstances.

Inspirational quote #2

28th July 2015: Sydney, Australia

It will be interetsing to hear how others interpret the quote below. I will not at yet share my thoughts as I am hoping to gauge what others think without any of my influence. The quoye is, “those looking for the magic bullet often get shot”.