Rest = Exercise

23rd July 2015: Sydney, Australia

I surfaced from the comfort of my own bed knowing the morning routine of blood sampling, scaling questions and the overload of information were not to follow. Instead, I peacefully rested in bed, feeling happy with my situation whilst firmly focusing on just resting throughout the next few weeks.

I need to stay content with the concept of rest, and although it may sound moronic at such a stage within my recovery, I know attention on the matter is required to ensure rest plays a dominant role in my life over the coming weeks. Failure to focus on rest will only make me curious about integrating a degree of exercise into my life, and the consequences of completing any exercise at this stage would be ridiculous. Furthermore, there is no way my body is in a position to exercise so any thought directed to the area is extremely moronic. The motivation to start moving again stems from the personal beleif of exercise keeping me focused in life whilst providing obvious physical and mental advantages. Therefore, it is really simple, should I wish to once again feel I am progressing in my life, then I need to see the stage of rest as important as actually completing any exercsie.