Showtime is approaching!

27th June 2015: Sydney, Australia

I have the biggest burst of energy flowing throughout my body and mind. It is magical yet so strange to be in such a state, especially upon hearing confirmation that the tumour is Cancerous. Moreover, it appeared the greedy self-indulgent bugger was lonely last time. Therefore, a few friends have decided to provide company, setting up camp on the the bottom of my right lung. In all seriousness though, I really experience a degree guilt to be feeling levels of elation when seeing the absolute horror on the faces of my parents. How can it be like this? It seems so unfair! I just wish to alleviate the stressors for my parents by overcoming the current obstacle to live a life abundant in love, success and happiness. The life I honestly feel is awaiting me!

2 thoughts on “Showtime is approaching!

  1. Perhaps you should talk to your parents about this feeling of guilt and their feelings according to what you perceive them to be. Why should your parents feel or show horror if what you are showing is total elation? The prospect of your potential death? If you think of it, when you are dead, you don’t feel sad and what people left behind cry of feel badly about is your absence in that it leaves them without you – i.e. they are ultimately crying for themselves, not for you. Therefore, while you are alive and happy to be alive, say even elated to experience that raw “aliveness”, they should be happy for you and show this so as to boost your feeling of being happy, not dampen it. The way you perceive and relate to others has something to teach you about yourself on a deeper level so perhaps you should clear these imperceptible nothings in your everyday life.
    Enjoy Life, thrive, discover. Focus on where you will be and not on where you are in terms of your body status. In terms of the moments of joy, focus on the now, on those feelings of elation and get everything that dampens your enthusiasm of the now out of the way.
    Keep well and already healed.

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