Is the answer love, food, meditation, faith or simply a surgical knife…

28th May 2015: Bound for Bali

How strange life is! I have observed people all around me suffering the effects of a virus or flu at the moment, and only four days ago, I would have placed myself in the same category. Now, the knowledge of having a Cancerous tumour growing inside of me seems to reinforce a separation between me and others. I actually had a dream comparable to a scene out of the film Inception where layers of dreams existed. Unfortunately, the dream did not have the ending desired, and my current predicament is the reasoning for this entry. Exact details are not recalled, however, I know the situation was much worse in deeper layers before I surfaced through many layers to wake up. The very first conscious thought was one of relief, knowing it was just a dream, then, the awareness followed that I was no longer dreaming, and in fact I have Cancer.

I have been attempting to discover the reasoning for the re-emergence. Was it the protein had recently, the occasional inclusion of spelt bread or products containing gluten? Alternatively, could it be something much greater, and involve a lack of love and intimacy in my life? I imagine the search and questioning could forever be endless. Thus, I need to change my focus to one of acceptance, and then devise a way of approaching the times ahead. It sounds absolutely unrealistic, but I have been saying affirmations to myself, asking for a miracle to occur whereby the next scan shows the tumour has disappeared. That very example is a reflection of the desperation felt, and in no way shows a position of acceptance. A more plausible way of thinking about the future is considering the amount of healthy cells in my body compared to the narcissistic entity currently residing in my body. My ideal situation would be to call to arms the vast array of healthy soldiers to fight this one expanding tumour, however, the question remains of how I can manage to achieve this outcome. Love, food, movement, meditation, laughter or simply a matter of a surgical knife cutting it out for ever.

2 thoughts on “Is the answer love, food, meditation, faith or simply a surgical knife…

  1. I personally believe that what you focus on grows. That being said, I also believe that cancer like every other sickness comes from an energetic imbalance combined with something that needs to be discovered in your body and mind in terms of what they are trying to tell you and that you are not heeding to. My comment may not be helpful and I really do hope that you are able to go through this in peace – for whatever that is Worth – but please view it in the light in which it was given, merely to spur thoughts on other potential routes you may want to explore within you.

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  2. Hey there, definitely been taking in the right way 😄 I also believe that what we direct our attention to fosters many things in life. I do also see complete surprises hitting us in life, and maybe like you refer to, the surprise results in us attempting to find some meaning due to an existing inbalance. Thanks for stopping by 👏👏👏


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