Does writing about Cancer and the feelings attached actually help?

28th April 2015: Sydney, Australia

The avoidance of writing about my ever fluctuating mental states seems necessary. My reasoning derives back to an earlier entry relating to an acceptance of my circumstances, and true acceptance entails an absolute submission to experiencing both the highs and lows associated with Cancer. Inevitably, down days are going to occur, and the process of documenting these days only seems to imprint a negative impact on my overall well-being. At times, a feeling of becoming stuck within a hole of despair is the predominant thought embedded within my subconscious, and consequently, my consciousness then allows these thoughts to sift into my everyday feelings and future outlook. It is somewhat paradoxical to refrain from writing about these times, however, it is a decision made to encourage a true acceptance of my circumstances whilst making a more conscious attempt at furthering my growth.

2 thoughts on “Does writing about Cancer and the feelings attached actually help?

  1. I am one who believes it is extremely important to allow yourself to experience all the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. Because doing so helps you heal. Now, everyone copes differently. I don’t suppress my emotions and often try to let things out of my system. Personally, this exercise has helped with my recovery and continues to do so. The important thing is to realize when you are falling too deep into the hole.

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  2. I agree, just at times get in odd states as my entrie show, and feel it can manifest negative futue feelings. Guess, it is all about learning to manage it best, and hopefully over time I get better at this.

    Must say, the attention on my blog als gives some purpose into my life. A point I think essential at times, when other areas appear to not be great!


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