Strange takes on Cancer part one…

16th March 2015: Sydney Australia

Is there any validity in a discussion whereby dental concerns are seem to stem from Cancer? For those already switched off by the opening comments, please read on for an explanation.

I regularly speak of the secondary concerns associated Cancer, and I am now hypothesising whether dental concerns can fall into such a category. For those familiar with my writing would know I frequently experience side-effects in the form of nausea and fatigue. The two points forming the foundations for my argument. Consideration of a temporary/permanent reduced presence in society resulting from the array of factors associated with any stage of Cancer also should be at the forefront of your thinking when processing the proposed hypothesis. The reason for including the social connection of a person implies a motivation to ensure a level of hygiene is maintained when meeting people either at work, college, university or simply for a social occasion. Honestly, who really wants to have bad breath?

If we were to break down the primary reasoning for dental concerns, generally a reference is made to the individuals incapacity to brush, floss or both, and it is now at the point for audience to recall the lack of energy and ill feelings experienced when last suffering the flu. Maybe this is just me, however, the thought of getting out of bed or changing from pyjamas into other clothes can be a massive chore in itself. Now, imagine these feelings constantly feature in your life whilst also not having any external motivation to maintain a degree of hygiene due to your limited interactions with others. In addition, the routine once present to ensure you arrive freshly at work or university no longer exists.

In response, I acknowledge the solution of simply brushing your teeth or establishing new routines can be made, however, the very points mentioned are being overlooked, particularly in regards to the debilitating impact the nausea, fatigue has on your body and mind. Therefore, I repeat the question to all, posing whether dental concerns can be deemed a secondary cause of Cancer or has the entry just shown to all my poor levels of hygiene at certain times 😄