Does a degree of arrogance need to exist in my life?

6th January 2015: Sydney, Australia

I realised an underlying level of arrogance was evident in the first paragraph of my last entry, and am now starting to wonder if a level of arrogance and self-confidence is essential to approaching Cancer. I need to state that I am not at all advocating a diversion away from the other principles I promote. Rather, maybe starting to understand why people advise me a selfishness is needed within my life. Whether this has any impact on the actual outcome is definitely up for debate, however, regardless of the future awaiting me, wouldn’t the benefits of feeling positive about my circumstances outweigh negative thoughts, low self-esteem and doubt, particularly if my death was to eventuate at a premature stage?

The writing is all very doom and gloom, leading me back to question the correlation between my writing and later feelings? Therefore, I think a change is definitely needed in both my life and writing. I just hope the same attitude prevails when commecing to write next.