Does anyone talk about complacency????

21st December 2014: Sydney, Australia

I am still yet to refer to the early months of the year to make comparisons with my eating patterns, and have come to see this as evidence of the shifting needs we hold in our lives, particularly how susceptible we are to varying ideas pending our present emotional state. The thinking driving the decision to discover differences in my eating pattern was made after a period of two weeks whereby I was yet to recover from the cold/flu symptoms, however, a return to seemingly normal health has diminished most if not all intentions. The initial thought of finding some magical discovery may be viewed as an attempt saturated in complete and utter desperation. Regardless, the process lead to me considering the concept of complacency for people with any kind of difficulty, and the essential point of sustainability featuring within a plan designed for anyone facing difficulty or challenges in their lives.

The matter of complacency within the context mentioned places me in a position wide open to criticism, particularly by people who wish just to be back to normal again, even if that normal was viewed as destructive or unhealthy during the period when experimenting their difficulty or challenge. As noted, it is an extremely debatable point of discussion, and obviously a choice for each person to make for themselves. I must also acknowledge the early stage within my own personal journey, and am confident in stating the limited experience compared to many others. Therefore, it may well be the case that in one, two or five years I am taking a completely contradicting position on the statement made. If so, at least I will be better informed about the varying stages I have progressed through, and hopefully will be more equipped at supporting others in their individual journeys.

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