My personal remedy to overcome the flu while avoiding anti-biotics…

6th December 2014: Sydney

The very initial thought upon opening my eyes was the decision to cancel any prior arrangements. The same throat scratching at the back of my throat was sufficient information to know the battle had commenced. Sleep, rest and a healthy intake of nutrients were to be key. Thus, breakfast included berries, and varying seeds, i.e. Flax seeds and Chia seeds plus an Orange to boost my Vitamin C levels. A return to bed was made straight away. After another four hours sleep I woke up, heading to the beach for some sun and the attempt to cleanse my system in the salt water. I opted for a very spicy Thai vegetable and chicken stir fry for lunch before attempting some meditation. I say attempting as my mind felt so heavy, fleeting thoughts kept passing through my consciousness making it very difficult to arrive at a desired state. I decided to refer to my yoga book to undertaken a guided gentle routine, designed specifically to open my chest and sinuses. I then jumped in the bath before eating gourmet sausages with potatoe, kumura and carrot mash, with a side of raw kale and tomatoes.

I am now settling into a movie before having an early night, hoping that the sore throat passes when rising tomorrow. Finally, just to mention, I am aware ample other options could have been included into my day, however, for some reason, the tasks noted above were obviously the ones with most priority for me, and consequently hopefully result in an earlier return to normal health.