Talking about Cancer….

28th November 2014: Sydney, Australia

I went bed nauseous last night and this morning have woken up with a slight pain in the right hand chest/ribcage of body. Instantly, thoughts of worry, quickly associated with memories of past experiences come to mind. If allowed, I am sure my mind could shift into overdrive, creating destructive future scenarios about my death. Yes, massively negative, and a reason for not allowing it to manifest. The problem I seem to encounter is questions about whether the pain results from the yoga completed yesterday, my positioning throughout sleep or if it something more worrying. The conundrum now placed in is what do I do with these thoughts? Do I share with my family, girlfriend or mates, only to raise unnecessary alarm should it just be muscular pain or just contact my doctor about the situation? Well, I know I am seeing him next week, and the most probable outcome will be an agreement for it to be checked next week. Mind you, no MRI is being completed as I would have liked, bearing in mind the recommendations for scans to be completed every three months. Hopefully, one is scheduled for January, this will be a point I stress. I thought this morning about whether I will have these concerns for the remainder of my life, a life I am hoping and working towards being both long and fruitful.

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