Journalling and accountability

11th November 2014: Sydney, Australia

It appears the effectiveness of journalling is once again showing it’s value. Imagine how frequent ideas are created, attracting your full attention for a period of time before they become just a memory at best. The journal, especially when setting myself targets ensures I remain focused, opposed to allowing an idea to drift into a past of what if! The journal also plays a key role in personal accountability. For instance, my monthly shot was taken yesterday, making it now 10 consecutive months whereby my physical recovery has been tracked. A rather simple task, and something that should be adhered to with no excuses, however, I doubt the capacity of remaining on task before writing a journal. Secondly, my Sunflower Framework! As mentioned, I am currently awaiting feedback, and have recognised a change in my ability to dedicate space and energy towards the project. Again, previously would this have been possible? Yes, the fact of having Cancer can assist the motivation, however, the journal keeps me motivated, stimulated and accountable to make the project a reality.

On reflection, a level of gratification could already be obtained by sharing the project with others, however, what meaning does that hold, or importantly what benefit is it to others with Cancer if it just a project of vanity? I am fortunate to have qualified people who can provide the constructive feedback needed to support me in reaching a certain standard with the project whereby it is able to operate in the community. I must note my acknowledgment of the project being a dream at this stage, however, how pleasing and satisfying would it be to start making dreams a reality.

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