Preparation for my fast/cleanse

19th October 2014: Sydney Australia

Plans have been made to commence the two day cleanse/fast on Tuesday. I don’t know whether it would actually be deemed a fast as I don’t foresee actually getting hungry. A combinations of soups, smoothies and juices will suffice be consumed over the two period. Plus, it is only two days!

My parents and close friends have been made aware of my intentions in advance to eliminate any food stressors within this period and to give everyone notice I will not be attending any social events over this period. The plan consists off having a smoothie in the morning, followed by soup at dinner and lunch. If required, a juice or smoothie will be slotted into afternoon or post dinner. The particular method will ensure my body receives the necessary nutrients whilst giving my body the opportunity to not worry about breaking down any food. Therefore, attention can be directed completely to repairing and restoring. I found it essential in explaining my reasoning to my parents and how I was to approach the two days as their support is vital to a successful period of no stress. In addition, an approach was needed whereby I was not going to experience hunger or deprived myself from the necessary nutrients my body requires. My reasoning is specifically related to my personal experiences and has been learned over the period of having my chemotherapy. I’m not certain whether it has been covered in previous sections, however, failure to eat or allowing a level of hunger to have an effect on my body sends me on a fast downward spiral. So the idea of just replacing solids out of my eating approach for two days does not seem like it will have a detrimental impact on my functioning whilst allowing my body the chance to not have to direct energy to breaking down solid foods. To conclude, I must stress the importance of having my mum on board who has prepared batches of homemade fresh soup ready for both lunch and dinner times over the two days.

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