Benefits from a healthy and positive state of mind

18th October 2014: Sydney Australia

The tide has officially turned, the park was revisited for some exercise, and the opportunity was had to enjoy a night out watching some friends in a band without any nausea or fatigue. The reasoning for the change could be speculated, including reference to the increased levels of medication, the appearance of the sun signalling the imminent Australian summer is approaching or simply adopting a stance whereby I believe my body has recovered from the infection.

I think it is easy to just resign to a belief of contributing all changes to the medication or the body just being better again, however, personally this is very restricted view of life. Instead, all factors needs to be seen as contributing features, including the created mind-state needed to work in coordination with the ongoing medical intervention. It is proposed that my mind greatly influenced the changes, especially the established commitment to think and write only about positive aspects of life. In honesty, it is really the first time in many weeks when I have felt the capacity in completing my daily routine without any nausea or worry about my health, and the point reiterated is that a positive outlook worked in cohesion with the medical intervention to allow this change to come to fruition.

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