The beast…

13th October 2014: Sydney, Australia

Nausea! I would prefer to use a profanity to describe my current feelings and would probably summarise the circumstances better. Instead, I’ll try give an accurate portrayal of what I am experiencing, and would think it’s likely to be a short entry in the hope of drifting off to sleep before the intensity increases. The nausea I get is nocturnal. A cyclonic beast, appearing past the bed time of children to cause terror on my mind and body. Tonight, it just so happened that a disgust for any food tagged along for the journey. The option of passing on food crossed my mind, however, where does that get me? Hungry in the morning whilst also not providing my body with sufficient nutrients to fuel my system. No thanks! Therefore, I opted to force each forkful of food down my mouth, almost gagging on two occasions. Also, I usually imitate a game of statues whilst lying in bed. The place once a sanctuary is now a torture chamber where any movement is restricted to deter a churning in my stomach.

To be fair, most days I am allowed to rise in the morning feeling ok, and I guess you need to be grateful for the little things in life right? Ironically, I did have an enjoyable day till the nausea kicked in. I managed a return to the park to complete exercise, made progress with my writing and completed a full yoga session. I would like to continue, but the beast is signalling it’s time for lights out. Some breathing and meditation will take place, hopefully alleviating some of the discomfort associated with the overt attacks of this cunning foe.

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