Self-development vs complacency

11th October 2014: Sydney, Australia

I have been considering the appointment had with my doctor last week. In relation to preparing for each appointment, I am unable to shift my thinking from the discrepancy existing between the recommended timeframes regarding my treatment. The doctors from the UK are saying an absolute minimum of five years, however, my doctor in Australia initially stated it will be two years, and now is saying a two year period is a sufficient time for it to be reviewed. A greater level of belief is felt in the direction outlined by my Australian doctor. The matter is solely due to his frankness about the limited knowledge about treating this rare from of cancer and the very real possibility that we are actually poisoning my body with this treatment. Thus, a review of my quality of life on the medication compared to the risks of stopping the medication is necessary. Attention is required on not locking myself into a mindset of possible timeframes, and to note, it is an extremely difficult task. The reasoning is that regardless of the timeframe, lifelong sustainable changes are required to maintain overall health and wellness. Personally, I believe my journey has a long and eventful future story. Therefore, all the modifications to my lifestyle need to be thought through via a sustainable lens. In addition, I need to enjoy the changes rather than see them as a hindrance to living a quality life.

In relation to my statement about the importance of lifelong sustainable changes being made in my life, I do acknowledge this attitude may shift as time passes, especially with the biological, technological, social and environmental changes that are bound to encompass me. Furthermore, when the tests remain clear, a decreased level of risk of reoccurrence is sure to be reality. The question to be posed relates to whether my behaviour and thinking needs to revert back to past patterns or can it further develop from the foundations created throughout this phase of my life? The matter of complacency seems so relevant. It is inevitable that my life, and the life of everyone in this world will evolve. It appears an open circular system of input, processing and action is the driving force of this personal evolution. The point made is that everyone changes to some degree. On a more specific note with relevance to the matter of changes resulting from my Cancer, the description of the circular system attempts to help people understand that the influences surrounding them hugely impacts their thinking and behaviours. It would appear a fairly blatant concept, and to really portray it’s meaning, the changes can be linked with anything in life whereby goals have been set then not followed through. Numerous factors will be the reasoning for us not achieving all our goals or dreams, however, avoiding complacency whilst maintaining motivation is crucial to furthering self-development. Therefore, a return to the circular system highlights the value in a continuation towards immersing myself with positive, stimulating and exciting aspects in life. Ultimately, the result will be an expansion of the already existing foundations that Cancer has helped shape rather than allowing complacency to creep back into everyday routines.

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