Personal accountability

9th October 2014: Sydney, Australia

Today, a cross was put through an imaginary calendar. The mental cross is a tool used to encourage rest at varying periods. It was applied today to assist in the process of improving my health back into a position enabling me to overcome the lingering flu symptoms experienced, particularly in regards to the level of movement in my life. The mental cross is one of the many tools included within the plan designed directly following my discharge from hospital. The plan was basically notes containing information from readings, past experiences & discussions with others.

A comparison from the period of planning and implementation to the present day would show the only exception is designated space within my daily routine to work on furthering certain ideas, especially in relation to further the content based upon the mentioned Sunflower Framework. The matter of holding groups and the associated factors involved in bringing the idea to fruition links directly to my motivation and accountability. A quick snapshot of the week clearly indicates no further progress has been made on the content developed from last week. Yes, I have not been feeling well and a degree of balance is crucial to making a place for Cancer within my future life, however, the question I ask myself relates to how this would be viewed in a different environment, such as the workplace? The answer is simple, and reinforces the need to set timescales for myself whilst also recruiting the assistance of someone to oversee my idea, ensuring I am accountable to timeframes rather than allowing the idea to drift into the abyss of past failed ventures. The role of a friend will play exactly the same as performed by a manager or coach within a working environment. The person or persons I seek for support will be imperative. The individual or persons involved need to be supportive whilst also providing constructive feedback, and importantly have knowledge in the specific area of interest. The value of seeking assistance on a matter such as plumbing from an accountant with no prior knowledge about plumbing may be a useful reminder when thinking about who is best to recruit in my future journey.

I don’t have the capacity, energy or focus required to further write, especially as mentioned the day has been crossed out in my imaginary calendar. The topic just brings to the forefront of my thinking about the importance of accountability, and a matter needing to address either tomorrow or the following week.

– What areas in your life may require a degree of accountability, and if so, how will you go about setting timescales for the completion of individual steps needed to achieve your goals?
– Who in the network of people around you can be called into your personal plans to hold you accountable?

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