How is best communicate with doctors?

10th October 2014: Sydney, Australia

Yesterday was considered a day of rest, and the manuscript seems to have been followed as planned with almost 13 hours of sleep had last night. Unfortunately, a sour look still graced my face upon waking, leaving me thinking another quiet day is needed for my body to heal and recover.

I am still yet to have the 100% clearance from the radiographer, however, reassurance of being healthy was obtained by jointly reviewing the MRI results with my doctor immediately following the MRI scan. An example of a key factor contributing to furthering the doctor/patient relationship as a sense of control and care is evident. I know my outlook is not shared by all those around me. I guess, the phrase coming to mind is ‘choosing your battles to fight’. Although, I have never had to fight my cause, and admittedly I can be somewhat demanding at times of stress or concern. The example above provides insight into my approach on what matters are prioritised, and ultimately how I follow through certain concerns with my doctor whilst happily waiting for my doctor to make contact in relation to other matters deemed less important. Expansion on this concept highlights the emphasis on ensuring my doctor is not overloaded with requests. In this instance, I’m fairly confident the results will be positive, thus, I see little value in pushing the matter. I know it’s a fairly basic concept, however, it seems concerns, such as Cancer can lead people to become overly eager and demanding of their doctor. Ultimately, I believe such an approach can be counterproductive as constant pressure normalises each request, not marking the times when contact is essential and should be prioritised.

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