25th September 2014: Sydney, Australia

I’m home! What an exhausting few days. Work came to a close, all my goods were packed and shipped, the emotions in leaving my girlfriend plus managing the fiasco surrounding the excess luggage at the airport left me feeling physically drained. The 26 hours of transit time, including the 20 hour period in air conditioned planes hasn’t helped. Consequently, all the factors combined to leave me with a few hundred dollars missing from account and the emergence of a past enemy who has not had the courage to be seen this year. An enemy with a proven capacity to lay dormant before showing it’s dominant self in in times of stress. An enemy when surfacing sends immediate caution throughout my mind due to the company it kept last time we encountered in November/December of last year.

Reference was made yesterday about a lowed immune system, and some clarity is required on the passage above. The enemy in mention is a sore throat. Previous to last year, a sore throat was simply the single defining point telling me that I was needing rest. It could be a day, week or more, however, at the end of last year it signalled something much more imminent, and it brought along a damp, rotten, unhygienic associate who lived by night to cause restless sleep. A coincidence it may be, yet, caution is required as it is the first time this year I have had a sore throat and night sweats. Two major signals regularly on display last year.
Only looking at these two symptoms as reasons for caution instills a fear that is needing to be subdued, particularly now given the chance as back at home, not working and having the time and space to direct my full focus towards my health and well-being. In addition, I have recently endured a fair amount of stress, a known player in the Cancer game. So a modified strategy is required. The planned consultation with a chiropractor should provide some assistance, however, I have come to realise that greater attention is required focusing on the capacity of my mind to both heal and protect me. Therefore, modifications of my strategy will include emphasis on my sources of nutrition, level of movement and how I am resting.

I’ve noted previously that I believe a healthy approach to nutrition is followed at most times. I prefer to use the word approach, rather than diet, as the word diet has a connotation to a short-term fad, whereas an approach can, and should be viewed as a life-long sustainable way of fuelling your body with nutrients. So if I feel a healthy intake of food is already happening then what should be modified? Yes, those carbohydrates high in a GI index can be cut out, more raw foods can be added to my meals and the plate can be greener, however, is that all? Well, I recall reading and listening to podcasts whereby the benefits of a detox or a fast were explained. Yes, a tad hypocritical as it may be deemed a short-term measure, however, it is something I have been interested in, and a book by Jessica Ainscough (the wellness warrior) further attracted my interest. Like others, the book details the positive effects a detox or fast can have on your body so the warning signals, i.e. sore throat and night sweats have placed me in a position where I am motivated to research the necessary sources, enabling me to make an informed decision about whether a detox or fast is required and if it is likely to be beneficial for my body.
It could possibly be another alternate means to support my recovery or be of no significance, however, when measuring the benefits in comparison with the detrimental effects of a possible two day fast or detox, it seems little more discussion is needed. Time to start researching and look at a possible starting time of next week.

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