Alcohol and Cancer

30th August 2014: Wales

A four hour car journey from my girlfriends house to Wales was endured. The motion experienced of bumping around in the backseat wasn’t well received, particularly when bearing in mind that this feeling is somewhat now accustomed due to the side effects of my medication. The feeling associates itself with the decision made to reduce my alcohol consumption. Alcohol! I have come to realise that I am more than capable of polishing off a beer like the old days, well that’s if you only look at the first few sips before you’ll see I am holding onto the bottle (no longer pint glasses) like a familar prop till I take about my fourth swig, realising it has turned warm and I am longer desiring the taste for more. Alcohol! The car journey today whilst nursing the after effects of a drinking session. No way! If only these feelings could be shared with myself in the past, that is with the exception of times on a Monday at work after a heavy weekend. Honestly, I thought it would be missed a lot more than it is. Strangely, it hasn’t been a straining quest to overcome a thirst for a beer nor has it had to feature in any conversations with doctors. Of course, people will ask, ‘when you going to be able to have a session again’, yet, again, strangely, the thought of it doesn’t really tempt me. In saying that, a few beers or a wine or two with no ill after effects wouldn’t be so bad but isn’t that what most people would want? It’s not really going to be a case of people lining up to have a hangover or cover your morning hangover for you after an alcohol fuelled night is it? The only summary would be never say never, and the social aspect and laughs had over a few beers could, if given enough thought provoke nostalgia, however, at this stage, I’m happy to have my five sips and hold a warm beer before settling into bed, knowing my body will be in better shape to approach the night with a clear focused mind and wake up to enjoy the hour or so before popping the pills that recently were hinted as becoming a routine for the rest of my life. It is probably useful to mention that like a lot of topics discussed, this only captures my current thinking and experiences, and in no way do I think negatively about moderate alcohol consumption, and maybe still have a soft spot for the ocasional blowout. This is all about age and experiences though and is the fundamental beauty of a journal. Naturally, if I was at a different stage in my life then what I am writing may difffer. A lot of what is coming across is about a personal journey with no criticisms directed at anyone (well at this stage).

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